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    1) How to seperate audio from visual 2) How to pan / tilt on stills

    another newby

      I recently enquired about how to add B rolls, which I got good answers to. In the same 'narrative' video clip, I'd like to know how to actually seperate the audio from the video, so I can edit and save the audio as a totally new narration clip? The second question relates to 'animating' still photo clips. I figured that I don't need to travel miles to a particular mountain to video it. The mountain won't move, only my camera will, if I tilt or pan it. Accordingly, it makes more sense to download good quality photos of a targeted site, and apply pans & tilts to the photo. Other than printing the photo and taking video of it in a studio, I was kind of hoping that the combined software package I brought of premiere & photoshop elements, will allow me to do it digitally within the program? Could you kindly advise me in fairly simple terms, as I'm still finding my way around digital editing in general. Thanks!