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    Saving PDF error


      I'm using Illustrator CS2.


      So I'm trying to save an Illustrator file (.ai) as a PDF file. With Illustrator as the only application open I tried to save a 78MB .ai file as a PDF. I then recieved this error message: "The operation cannot be complete because there isn't enough memory (RAM) available."


      I have 79.4 GB of 232 GB free space on my C drive. On my backup HD I have 306 GB available. I tried saving the file as a PDF to both locations and got the same message. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!






      Here's my System/Computer information (from System Properties):



      Microsoft Windows XP


      Version 2002

      Service Pack 2




      Pentium(R) D CPU 3.4GHz

      3.4 GHz, 3.25 GB of RAM


      File size 78MB (.ai)---> Trying to save as a PDF.

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          It may be related to the type of graphic you have in your document.

          RAM memory isn't your disk space.

          When you save the file in illustrator format try using create pdf compatible file.

          Even though it is .ai file it will still open with acrobat. (right click - open with and select acrobat from the list).

          You can even change .ai extension to .pdf and it should stil open with acrobat.

          try this to see any other problems will arise.



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            TJK2285 Level 1

            But is there a way to do a bleed this way?


            Also, what kind of issues would there be with a graphic that it would keep the file from saving as a PDF?