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    Importing a 3d model into Illustrator?

    dave the kOz

      I'd like to be able to import a 3d model into illustrator, like PS now does, sort of what (i believe) 3D-Tiger used to do (now defunct).  Basically I would like to have the ability to use the model to arrange perspective and such, then create a 2d vector image for further use.  Possible?





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          Wade_Zimmerman Level 7

          You can only bring it in as a Flattened view in the form of an eps. But there is no really way to do this legitimately is place say the Photoshop file into AI and have it linked then edit the original in Photoshop for the rotation and or view orientation.

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            markerline Level 4

            Yes that's right.  You cannot work with 3D in Illy the same way you can with the 3D tools in Photoshop Extended. (I don't believe you can work with 3D objects in regular Photoshop--it has to be the Extended version).  If you are working with Maya for example, export the file as an .OBJ and import it into PS CS4 Extended, then save that file as a PS file and open a linked version in Illustrator that can be updated in Photoshop with the 3D rotation tool, for example.


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              markerline Level 4

              If you want to import a flattened version of your 3D object once you have the camera angle correct in Maya, use the Maya Vector Renderer and render the object as a native .AI file (take note of where your Maya is rendering the AI image to so you won't lose track of the file using the Render Globals dialog window).  Make sure you set up your lighting correctly in Maya or AI might not see it but as a flattened object with no illusion of depth.

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                What I do is the following (WORKAROUND):


                I use the Tool Deskangel (only Windows). By Pressing strg+alt+shift and the scrolling wheel of the mouse you can ajust the alpha channel of individual programms. So I can tell 3D MAX (for example) to be visible 50%, so I can see Illustrator underneath and adjust the perspective to an existing illustration. So I see the 3D-Program and Illustrator at the same time, each 50% visibility (-> wrong color), but realtime feedback -> really good for placement and composition. Can by done with any other program, can be quite handy. Then I can render the image and place it in the correct position. Good workaround, that works for me.