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    3rd party efx

    JCONN 456

      quick question

      .... so I have Boris FX8 on my system now.... windows xp is the OS.... anyhow...I just upgraded to CS4 and I want to add Boris FX8 into my plugins on the new version.... so I wonder if I have to uninstall Boris and re do and install  to get it to go into my plugins folder in CS4..... I tried a copy and paste from the CS2 plugins folder to the new CS4 folder..... I did not think that it would work... and guess what I was right.... even though it pasted... when I fire up CS 4 and go into my effects I see the 3rd party folder and Boris is in there.... however when I go and drag it into my time line and select to change the Boris effect my CS 4 crashes..... go figure.... .. other then that CS4 is great and works well.... thank you for any help I can get here... I did also try to use the install disk and went through the process... I don't see the option to send it to CS4..... of course I am gonna check out the Boris website as well.. again thank you



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Version 8.0 is pretty old. You may have to revert to manual labor, copy and paste the required plug-ins to the correct directory and maybe correct some registry entries. Other than that I suggest you upgrade to 9.3.

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            JCONN 456 Level 1

            Thanks for the response..... I know that plugin is sort of on the old side..... I liked it..... but not that much.... what the heck I still have CS2 loaded and

            it works on that well...... might just have to give up CS4  ..... NOT....  just kidding.... again thanks for the quick response !