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    Basic Mocha to AE Tracking


      I'm trying to do my first Mocha attempt.  I have in AE a background shot with a green screen object over it. On top of that is a composite that I need to track the motion to have the top layer track with movement of the next layer down (the greenscreen footage).


      I use the greenscreen footage in Mocha, I set an x-pline for the square I want to put my top layer into.  I create tracking data.  I export to the text file and clipboard.  Back in AE, I click on my top layer (a composite), the one I want to track against the greenscreen footage, I paste the clipboard in... I get nothing!!


      I look at the output from Mocha, it says AE 6.0, does that make a difference??  Running CS4 (9.1). The data contains 359 points (4 XY points of them) for the 12 second clip.  Yes, Mocha and AE match; 1920X1080, 29.97, and square pixals all around.


      What am I missing??????



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          Andy Bay Level 1

          That happens to me all the time. Try restarting AE, that usually helps for me. There seems to be some kind of a bug in AE's handling of the operating systems' clipboard.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            As Andy said, restart AE. For some reason on some systems the clipboard gets "polluted" by external influences and AE loses track of it. The cause is not really clear, so this is the best you can do for the time being. It may however be worth investigating otehr active processes and services and shut down the ones that are not really needed. That may help.



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              DickLTech Level 1

              WOW guys!!!   What a difference a day makes!!  I'm running Vista Ultimate 64.  I didn't describe the first symptom.  When I finally got the data from Mocha and copied to the clipboard, I went to AE and Paste was greyed out!!  I did a lot of things to try and get AE to see something in the clipboard.  I think I finally clicked the Clear.  Then I got the "nonresponsive" Paste.


              Not getting an answer back from here for awhile, I shutdown (not your problem, my frustration).  So, after getting you guy's responses, I rebooted the system this morning.  Before I did anything else, I brought up the  text file and copied and pasted the data to the clipboard.  Brought up AE, clicked the comp needed, noticed Paste was NOT greyed out, did paste into the comp, and behold.... it worked wonderfully.  A little adjustment of the comp (Mocha did more for position, scale and rotation than I expected) I was in fat city.


              Thanks a bunch guys.  This must be what happened at the demo of CS4 several moons ago at Adobe when they were trying to show Mocha off, they couldn't paste into AE.