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    How is the Flash help file (html) integrated with a web based application?


      I created a help file using the single source layout of Flash Help. The help file is html and the .swf files are part of the folders.  Do I need an .swf file to integrate with an application that was created with flex?   Will the help file run under flash?  How do integrate this file so the browser can pull up the WYSIWUG. thanks,

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          As you are outputting FlashHelp and you are wanting to link to Flex and you are also talking about Flash SWF format and all that...


          It strikes me that maybe you have a general misunderstanding of exactly what FlashHelp actually is. So I'll outline that and see if it helps.


          Note that I'm going to assume you know nothing about it. So apologies in advance if you feel I'm being too basic.


          Some folks believe that creating FlashHelp output results in either a single SWF output or possibly multiple SWFs as output. And the end result is that you only deal with Flash content in SWF form. But that's not the case. Basically what you get is pretty close to what you get with WebHelp. Your topics are still in HTML format. They still display within a frameset. But the difference is that in FlashHelp, the navigation parts, (TOC/Index/Glossary/Search) are presented using Flash combined with XML for the data.


          Your developers likely link Flex applications to it just as they would any other web page. Either that or they use the WebHelp API, which is really just a JavaScript file.


          You can find more information on fellow Adobe Community Expert Peter Grainge's site at the link below.


          Click here to view


          I know the title is "Calling WebHelp", but I believe it should be the same for FlashHelp as well.


          Cheers... Rick



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