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    Creating simulations that fit within specific dimensions?

    shawninvancouver Level 2

      Some asked a similar question last week. I answered it based on my preliminary tests and I just thought it would work. but now I need very precise dimensions for my embedded animations to fit within a pre-defined placeholder.




      My placeholder is 870x464 pixels. The really annoying problem with Captivate 4 is that when you are making a recording, with specific dimensions, the dimensions DO NOT take into account the slider bar and/or boarders.


      My particular settings are 2 pixel boarders and I know that the custom slider bar is 25 pixels high.


      Logic would then dictate that I should set my screen recording area to: (870 -(2x2)) x (464 -((2x2)-25)) which equals 866 x 435.


      Unless my math is wrong, it turns out that the correct screen recording resolution should actually be: 866 x 442.


      I really wish Adobe would make this a little easier and take into account the true dimensions with boarders and slider control.