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    Problems with AIRprograms LINUX - Passw not recognized


      Good morning

      I have a problem. My OS is Linux.

      I've installed AIR and all works OK. The programs didn't give many problems.

      To fix a problem regarding Vodafone Widget and E.baypassword storage, I handle the Linux password archive...

      Applications->Accessories->passw and keys...

      Under this menu, I could see two items. One of these was login and it took an submenu titled "AIR Adobe...", listening the programs I had the problems I talked about above.


      I thought that there was the problem, so I changed the passw (set to something like: GTJJH6GHYG....) with mine I use for those programs.

      Since that moment, it seems like they work no more (over all Widget Vodafone).

      I tried to re-install both Vodafone Widget and AIR, but nothing changed.

      The E.bay app instead, works but ones I fill with my ID&Pass, it go stuck.


      Moreover, I saw the passw sub menu titled "AIR...." disappered.


      What about this??

      How I could recover the passw line on menu?

      Could I can get back??




      I attach the Widget install log file, to give you possibility to go into. It seems there is an error message, isn't it? What does it happen?



      waiting to receive open event
      UI SWF load is complete
      UI initialized
      enter waitingForOpen
      Unpackaging to /tmp/FlashTmp.p99bbO
      unpackaging is complete
      application is bound to side-by-side version 1.0
      application is bound to this version of the runtime
      app id it.vodafone.desktopwidget
      pub id 75C5D0AC8E830B80BD4FBC0B32A23F0123E8C097.1
      Application not located
      Waiting for user confirmation
      User confirmed action: install
      creating native installer in: /tmp/FlashTmp.Tc26DO
      native installer creation complete
      Starting install
      stateInstalling: [ErrorEvent type="error" bubbles=false cancelable=false eventPhase=2 text="Unhandled exception Error: Directory can't be written to" errorID=5006]
      stateInstallingWithElevation: enter install
      stateInstallingWithElevation: /opt/Adobe AIR/Versions/1.0/Adobe AIR Application Installer -runtime /opt -silent -logToStdout -url -location /opt -desktopShortcut -programMenu file:///home/stefano/Programmi/Vari/vodafone_dw.air
      subinstaller: Starting silent app install of file:///home/stefano/Programmi/Vari/vodafone_dw.air
      subinstaller: UI SWF load is complete
      subinstaller: UI initialized
      subinstaller: Unpackaging to /tmp/FlashTmp.J5uPLu
      subinstaller: unpackaging is complete
      subinstaller: application is bound to side-by-side version 1.0
      subinstaller: application is bound to this version of the runtime
      subinstaller: app id it.vodafone.desktopwidget
      subinstaller: pub id 75C5D0AC8E830B80BD4FBC0B32A23F0123E8C097.1
      subinstaller: Application not located
      subinstaller: creating native installer in: /tmp/FlashTmp.Z50m4i
      subinstaller: native installer creation complete
      subinstaller: Starting install
      subinstaller: Beginning install
      subinstaller: Installing package ...
      subinstaller: Execution complete; beginning commit phase
      subinstaller: Commit complete
      subinstaller: starting cleanup of temporary files
      subinstaller: application installer exiting
      received unknown message type from subinstaller: done
      Re-launching application from /opt/Widget vodafone.it/bin/Widget vodafone.it
      starting cleanup of temporary files
      application installer exiting






      One of these,