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    rendering backround problems


      i just purchased adobe pre elements this weekend.i installed it on my comp (current gate way quad core desktop w/vista).i am having a problem with the time it takes to render backround..i load a file.ad it to the timeline .and for like a 1gb video its takin 10 mins to render it,,then as soon as i add a transition or effect or drag the timeline for slow or faster motion(any of these things) it starts completly over ,rendering back round from scratch..i thought maybe cause its hd footage it was slowin things down but then i loaded old video(not hd and very low def) and its the same thing..i have only used windows moovie maker before .but it didnt have to do anything like this.iIf it takes this long.i will never be able to complete an edited video.is there any sugestions.i cant return the program to best buy and its redered itself useless right now. please help.  thanks in advance Rory Bauman

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Rendering depends on several things, and these can swap, depending on the source footage.


          What are your source files?


          If you have AVCHD footage, the time will depend on your CPU first, and your I/O (HDD's) next. Then it's a combo of RAM and Virtual Memory.


          If you have other footage, it's I/O, then CPU and finally the combo of RAM and Virtual Memory.


          Also, any change to the Timeline will result in the red line, indicating the need to Render for the best playback.


          Remember also, that one does not need to Render, unless the ultimate playback is needed. I seldom Render, unless I am doing a lot of Keyframing, and then I will set the WAB (Work Area Bar) to just Render the section that I am working on.


          In PrE 8, if one has a powerful system, and good source footage, the user can set Rendering to take place in the background. This does take resources, and, as mentioned above, Rendering is not necessary, except for critical playback. This feature was available in a previous NLE, that I used. I, and 98% of the users of that NLE, turned it off, so that editing was smoother. In general, Rendering is not at all critical, and only affects playback.


          Good luck,



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            rb-digital Level 1

            thanks alot hunt.i will definetly start setting the WAB to render the area im working on.that would help alot.i am gonna check on the performance of my comp also .As a rookie to the whole editing process( i have done a few things but...)i always like to watch playback on almost every transition or effect i add.. i am attempting to make edits from footage captured by Gopro hero cameras (helmet cams).i recently got a hd version and this has prooved to be very challenging to handle hd files.One prob i think i was having was the fact that when i record these videos,I cant be turnin the camera on and off evry couple minuets so i just let the camera roll and create large long files.At first i was takin this large file and adding it to the timeline..then editing out all the unwanted footage, wich led to a crazy amount of rendering (like it was trying to render 30 min clips that after edited only needed like 10 mins worth of keeper footage to be rendered..Last night i learned by previewing  the footage in the imported media box,and creating my start and finish points on the clip of just the section i wanted( wich could be 10 times in one clip) but then grabing the selected clip and bringin in only the "wanted" footage to the time line it helped..THANKS AGAIN HUNT.any other tips?anyone?

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              Ed.Macke Level 3

              About the only suggestion I would have is before using PRE, convert your raw footage into a format that PRE likes.


              For standard def, PRE really, really likes DV-AVI source. No rendering is required unless you add effects / transistions / etc.  So if it's an option to convert your source to DV-AVI, maybe try that.

              If your source is HD, I believe PRE likes the HDV (m2t) format (I don't do HD, so I'm going out on a limb here).

              Probably your next question would be which software to use to do the conversion.... sorry, my stuff is already DV-AVI so I'm not sure... the choice of softare would also depend on what the exact format of your raw footage was (there's a freeware product called GSpot that can tell you that).

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                rb-digital Level 1

                thanks alot..i will give this a try..The hd cam produces mpeg4 files.I am almost positive the standard def one i have produce av1.but the problem seems to be the hd stuff.just gotta get this ironed out soon .its fun to edit when it flows ill check out gspot ...thanks again

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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  You are most welcome.


                  Please report both your workflow and also you success.


                  Good luck,