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    Creating a double stroke


      Hello all you smart guys and Gals.

      I am a video producer and only use Illustrator for specific functions. My site http://ftintermedia.com/. I totally respect the talents that you Illustrator experts pocess.


      My question is this_ want to create a design to be cut from vinyl and used as an airbrush stencil. Please see this http://www.motocrossking.com/store/ProductImages/Honda_Wing_Logo_HW-VERT.jpg


      Lest say the red is the main graphic- I need to create another vector surrounding it- This would be represented in black. Does this make sense? That way I can lay down one color- then put another on top of it.




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          JETalmage Level 6

          Select the black object.



          Paste In Front.

          Object>Path>Offset Path (try about 10 pt)

          Pathfinder Palette: Click the Merge button.

          Set fill to white.

          Send to back.


          Your black object has a stroke that makes it appear to be offset from the red. It isn't. If you send that path to the cutter, it will cut the same size as the red.


          Select the Black object.



          PathFinder Palette: Click the Add To Shape Area button. (Then click Expand if you are using CS3 or prior.)



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            FTI Level 1

            Thanks- That is the stuff!