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    Director Developments at Adobe

    Dean Utian Adobe Community Professional

      Hi all,


      We all know that Director never gets the level of engagement from Adobe as is the case with other products. Even so, it has been particularly quiet on the Director front recently. With that in mind, I contacted a few people on the Adobe team to push for more sharing of information. There is still a reluctance to be open with information, but I have managed to find out one thing that has been happening that I thought I’d share here.


      As you’ve seen with Adobe products, including D11.5, the help was moved online with a system where people can comment on the pages to make corrections, provide additional information or ask questions. That’s on pages like:

      http://help.adobe.com/en_US/Director/11.5/UsingScripting/WScf09ce35f85d76b4-25f5cf9b11d558 53785-7fb9.html


      I’m a moderator in the Community Help and have made contributions to page updates like the one above. I recently spoke to Pawan, the Adobe Senior Documentation Manager. He mentioned that a large effort has been put into updating and improving the Director help pages. In Pawan’s effort to improve the Director documentation, he looked for Adobe people in other product teams that had Director experience. Pawan's team has drawn on expertise from these x-Director Adobe staff, talking, engaging and even learning from them.


      I asked Pawan about the roadmap for the Community help and when will see changes. I was told that early next year (Jan), the Director help will undergo a major revision based on information gathered. The roadmap for the help is to develop an AIR viewer that will allow users to access and search the help more easily from the product, and even download a local version of all the help pages so you don’t have to connect to the web every time you want to look something up.


      From Pawan:


      This is code-named, Community Help Client. It builds on the base that TCS 2.0 AIR help viewer provided for Adobe Captivate and adds following key features besides usual improvements:

      ·         Mac version (same experience in Windows/Mac)

      ·         Download online content and user settings for notifications for new online updates

      ·         Advanced search; code search

      ·         Dynamic navigation

      ·         Skin improvements


      You can read its preview at: http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/communityhelp/ .


      The download option installs the AIR help client and a package of Flash Builder Help. This client is being improved to incrementally serve needs of most Adobe products. The initial reviews are good and there are many suggestions for improvement. Your objective review that includes any critical feedback, value-adds, and improvements will help CHC team further improve the product.



      If anyone wants to add any comment to a Director page that you know is incorrect, not complete or just isn’t very good, any changes before January will be integrated into the new help. The help encourages links to external sites, so any URL you have that’s related to a doc page can be added.




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