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    Importing Powerpoint into Captivate


      When importing a timed powerpoint presentation with narration & animation into Captivate 4 - most of the slides work fine - automatically load, narration and animation work automatically - However, some slides I have to manually click the play button.  The problem seems intermittent throughout the presentation. Some slides work perfectly others do not. Apart from the actually wording and narration the slides are essentially the same. The orginal powerpoint was generated using powerpoint 2007.  I then saved the presentation as a powerpoint 2003 PPT - but the same problem occurs.

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          CP4 works fine with PPT 2007, no need to convert to 2003.  I'd like to help, having used the import of PPT a lot.


          How was the navigation in PPT done: by clicking on the slide or just by the timing? What were your settings when importing of creating a CP-file from the PPT: Advance slide 'on mouse click' or 'Automatically'? Each slide in CP is normally one object (animations included). Could you check the Properties of the slides in CP: is every slide on exit set to 'Jump to next slide'? Is there no extra object (look at the Timeline), such as a click box which pauses the slide (could get there because of the navigation in PPT)?


          I hope some of these questions could help,



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            The Powerpoint presentation consisted of forty-two slides most of which had animated text appearing at specific points. Narration was then added with the text timed to "fly in"  The presentation ran automatically with synchronisation between narration and visual. Ran perfectly as a powerpoint presentation.

            When imported into CP4 the settings were set for automatic - couldn't see anything in the TImeline not a lot of detail there at all -  thats what I've been looking for. There has to be a way of looking at the code that drives this

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              Indeed every slide from PPT is imported as one object, thus visible on the timeline. It is sort of an animation, since everything is playing automatically.  But did you check the settings of each slide: right mouse click on the slide, Properties, what are the settings for on Slide exit, on Slide enter? Normally it should be 'Go to next slide' for the exit and 'Continue' for the enter action.


              Mostly I'm not choosing the 'Automatic' option myself. But I just tried this and could add the following: if a PPT-slide is normally triggered by a click of the user, this will remain so even in Automatic mode. I'll try to explain with this example:



              This image is one of my PPT-slides. In PPT each bullet text is set to fly in on a mouse click, and is a hyperlink to another slide. The user click to have a bullet flying in, will be preserved when imported in CP, so you will have to click on the slide to have a bullet flying in. But the hyperlinks have to be reconstructed in CP.

              Could this not be the reason for you problem: on the problem slides, what were the settings for progress in PPT?




              Indeed, you do not have any control over the objects in the CP-slide after importing, in the Library you will not even . You are not the only one to have some feature requests for this