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    I remap time then try to keyframe opacity, opacity is not reacting to keyframes properly!

    Peter Studt Level 1

      I'm using PPro CS4 in Vista Home Premium.


      Firstly I have used 'Speed/Duration' to make the speed 150%, then I have applied various time remapping to the clip, and to finish it off I simply want to fade out at the end of the clip, then the next clip on the timeline fades in (so there is a definite dip to 20%), very much like 'dip to black' transition except I only want to dip to 20% and 'dip to black' dips to 0%. So I get it all set up and find that the opacity ramp happens about half way along the clip instead of the end of it and then it stays at 20% for the remainder of the clip. Just for the record, the 'Dip to Black' Transition works as it should do (Dam it!!!).


      I have tried using the opacity adjustment in the 'Alpha Adjust' effect, after the time remapping incase it was a render order problem, but it made no difference...


      It seems like a bug to me, or am I missing something like I usually am? I recall having had this happen once before, and that time I decided to do something different because I could not figure it out.


      Please help

      Thnaks in advance and all that!!!