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    How do you Uninstall Camera Raw 5.5 and 5.6 updates

    sudhakaran Pernacca

      My 5.5 Raw Update was working well, then I decided to update to the 5.6 Raw plugin.  I was not happy with the colors and sharpness of the images opened with the 5.6 plugin.  I would like to thrash this and get back to 5.5.  However, PS E does not allow me to open any RAW images now and the Camera Raw Preference in Bridge does not open.  New updates cannot be installed either as my system say I have the 5.6 plugin installed.  How do I uninstall everything and get back to my 5.5 update? I cannot find the location of my 5.6 Raw plugin, I have looked under PS 4 Photoshop application folders as well as Bridge folders. Thanks for your help.