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    Animation Help - how to make an endless animation loop


      Hi All,

      I'm new to Director so bare with me.


      I want to animate a filmstrip graphic that moves left horizontally across the page and eventually repeats itself (reenters the stage from the right side) in an endless loop. Think of a piece of masking tape taped together in a circle, and then rotate the piece of tape in a circle as you look at it.


      What I am currently doing that doesn't work:

      I have created two filmstrip graphics that I have put on different sprites and animated them so that they look like a single piece sliding across the screen. The page loads with Sprite A lying across the screen and starts to animate towards the left. Sprite B follows the right hand side of Sprite A so that it appears as one single graphic. Each graphic is the exact width of the stage. The problem occurs when I get to the end of the 2nd sprite. I want the first sprite to follow the 2nd sprite creating an endless loop. If I code some lingo at the end of the Sprite B to jump back to the beginning of the Sprite A animation, it gives an awkward jump that replaces Sprite B with the Sprite A contents.


      Hopefully my description makes sense. Suggestions or pointers to a tutorial that explains how to do this? My lingo experience so far is VERY limited, and only covers a few pages of very basic commands covering animations, video playback, audio controls, and a few other minor descriptions provided by my instructor.


      I am working with Director 11.5 on a Mac at school (fully licensed version), and 11.5 trial version on a PC at home.




      Brian H.