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    Scripting: Customizing HTML export


      Hi there,


      I'm looking into using JavaScript to extend Fireworks' export HTML option. Currently the 'nested tables' options is perfect for what I need, but I would like for it to include width and height in each table cell (<td>) and to not include the JavaScript it outputs when I specify links (although the latter can be easily taken out with Dreamweaver).


      I've been reading the Extending Fireworks documentation, and found the objects and methods I need to experiment with, but I was wondering if anyone has any idea of what I should try, or even if there's already a built in solution.


      I found the exportSettings document object property which has all the options that appear when using the GUI (file > export), but I'm not sure if there's a way of modifying its arguments so that outputs the HTML that I need. Does anyone know of any examples that deal with exporting HTML ? Thanks.

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          pancho1991 Level 1

          I dont know how to.



          But if you found how to do it post it here, as i think it would be an interesting resource.




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            fireshop Level 1

            So I did find a way. The Generic HTML export script is actually editable (javascript) and can be replaced. I went into the configuration folder > html code > Generic HTML... and edited the SLICES.XTT file. This file contains a script that is executed every time anyone exports slices using generic html as an option (note: there are also other folder corresponding to the other options in the export menu, dreamweaver html etc..).


            With the help of the Extending Fireworks documentation which lists all the classes and methods, I was able to edit the javascript in SLICES.XTT to export the html the way i wanted.