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    launch a jar executable


      Hi all,


      I'm developing a javascript for ID CS3 (5.0.4) and I need to launch a java executable (.jar) as if it was double-clicked.

      I do this on OSX platforms and it works fine:


      var oJavaApp = new File("/path/to/myjava/folder/myJar.jar");
      var result=oJavaApp.execute();


      ...and I tried with a batch file:


      var oMyBat = new File("/path/to/myjava/folder/launchMyJar.bat");
      var result=oMyBat.execute();


      but no way to make it work on Windows XP

      ...Yes, I even used the win path c:\\path\\to\\myjava\\folder\\myJar.jar


      When I double-click either on myJar.jar or on launchMyJar.bat all works fine.


      Is there a way to launch that jar from an ID script?


      Thanks in advance.



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          Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional

          I can't tell you if it's related to XP environment but what I can say is that your windows path doesn't look good:


          You may use :

          "C:/xxx/yyyy/zzz" or "/c/xxx/yyyy/zzz" but I don't think "C:\\xxx\yyy\zzz" is correct.


          Try this and let us know.





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            nicola.pulvirenti Level 1



            Thanks Loic for your answer.

            Anyway, it wasn't a path problem (even the Windows-style path works).


            I discovered that vbs does launch jar files and js doesn't.


            So I created a vbs script (let's say javaLauncher.vbs):


            Dim oShell, oCurDir
            Set oShell = CreateObject("Wscript.shell")


            strPath = Wscript.ScriptFullName
            Set oCurDir = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")


            Set objFile = oCurDir.GetFile(strPath)
            strFolder = oCurDir.GetParentFolderName(objFile)


            oShell.CurrentDirectory = strFolder
            oShell.Run "myJar.jar"
            Set oShell = Nothing


            and I call it from inside my javascript:

            oJavaApp = new File("c:\path\to\myfolder\javaLauncher.vbs");



            ...and that works!

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              Loic.Aigon Adobe Community Professional

              Nice ;-)


              May you have a look on a script I wrote that allow you to write and test code (whatever JS, VB or Applescript) inside of Indesign ?