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    lights problem


      Hello,I have a problem with the lights in 3d world!

      the scene is rendered in 3dsmax and lights look perfect,shadows look perfect,etc...(13 omni lights)
      when I import the scene into director there are no shadows and the lights are like one big omni light,can anyone help?????

      light in director --> none




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          mziskandar Level 1

          Hi chrisfasolaki,


          Most of the 3D applications nowadays (started around 5 years ago) utilizing DX Shaders or GLSL for shadow, perpixel lighting, etc - which sadly, not supported by Director.



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            Director doesn't currently support shadow casting lights, if you need shadows you'll have to simulate them somehow. You can either bake them into the texture, use some form of geometry to represent them (planes or meshes depending on your needs) or manipulate shader properties


            Director also has problems when you have too many lights in your w3d. In my experience, after 8 or so, they will behave erratically, old lights will turn off etc. The best way I have found, is to bake as many lights you can get away with into the textures, saving actual lights to those who aren't static.