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    Refresh / Undo


      1. Can I create an UNDO button to my runtime editing website?


      2. Can I create a REFRESH button which will only refresh the current frame?

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          While I have no idea what your runtime editing website is or does, my usual opinion on Flash' capabilities are that you can do just about anything you want within the limits of the software. As far as what you designed goes, there are no buttons that you can plug in and do what you want, you have to create them.  While I have no idea of the complexity of your design, I would lean to saying that creating these features will not be a simple task.


          If you want to undo something, then you need to have the ability to recall the previous state of whatever it is that you wish to undo.  So you'll need to think about how to go about remembering things like that.  And if you want several stages of undo, then you'll need to figure out how to keep that history of what the properties of things were at different stages.


          As far as refreshing a frame goes, I don't know what that means, but you'll have to think about what it does mean, and what is entailed in making it happen.

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            Devoteé Level 1

            Thank you NedWebs!


            It's a siimple online program whcih the viewer could change colours, add text. I would like to have a "single step back" undo action with a button. Could you please guide me how to recall a previous state of the action?


            Refresh - for an example if a viewer goes on changing colours and adding text and after some time he wants to come back to the original colours which was at the begining. Then if there's a REFRESH button, onclick it will refrsh and load the page so that the orginal colours and the original text will display once again.


            Hope this makes scence.