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    Which Adobe Product do I need?


      I developed a dynamic (xfa) PDF in LiveCycle Designer ES 8.2 and the Submit-Button points to a .NET-WebSite. For instance: http://localhost/default.aspx


      I want to accomplish the following tasks:


      1. I want to embed the PDF in a WebSite

      2. I want to process the data sent to the .NET ASP Page

      3. I want to interact with the filled PDF and want to prefill the form (I need a library to parse the .NET Request, change some form data and

         send it back to the user)


      So, which Adobe Product to I need for this. Do I need the expensive Adobe Livecycle ES2 for this?




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          pguerett Level 6

          You will need LiveCycle Forms ES2 not the whole ES2 suite. This will allow you to render your forms in real time and merge XML data onto the templates before handing them to the user. The submission is treated liek any other web page so calling teh .Net aspx is not an issue. You can choose to send back name value pairs or XML data. Acrobat users can send back the PDF or if they are Reader users then you will have to also look at Reader Extensions to allow this functionality.