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    PHP Forms not quite working :o(

    Oli_Wales Level 1



      I've designed a site with 2 forms that use PHP. One has 3 form fields (name, email, message) which I've called 'samples'. The other has one field where an email address is submitted called 'email' for a newsletter sign up, and the pages jump to frames once the data is sent. Admittedly I've used a tutorial for this, but haven't changed anything other than the PHP file names and everything associated with these files in flash in the actions panel.

      I've assigned this code to the send buttons


      on (release) {
          form.loadVariables("/samples.php", "POST");


      AND have added this to the MovieClip containing the Form fields




      I've uploaded the files here:






      The problems i'm having are that all the data isn't being received correctly. So the message form isn't working, it's only sending the first field. The newsletter form is using the samples.php file not the email.php. And secondly, where Flash should jump to the next frame once the form has been submitted, it's actually jumping to the end frame (stop actions on all frames).


      All sounds confusing to me, and perhaps it's something small that I'm overlooking but I would be so grateful for any assistance on this.


      Cheers - Oliver