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    Facing problem in extending ComboBox




      I am creating a autocomplete box, which fetches the required results from a server.

      So, what I am doing is extending a ComboBox and overriding the commit properties function to do a request to server and update the dataProvider.


      The code snippet: (editable property of ComboBox is set to true)


              override protected function commitProperties():void
                  prompt = text;
                  if (promptTextChanged) // becomes true whenever text in combobox is edited
                       //must do this otherwise the text get reset
                      textInput.setSelection(textInput.selectionEndIndex, textInput.selectionEndIndex);
                      promptTextChanged = false;
                      // Dispatch typed text on min characters required to suggest 
                      if (prompt.length >= minCharsRequiredForSuggest) // assume minCharsRequiredForSuggest = 3

                          // this is done to fetch the data.
                          dispatchEvent(new AutoCompleteComboBoxEvent(AutoCompleteComboBoxEvent.FETCH_DATA, {'typedText':prompt}));
                  //call it at the end or we get weird behavior, where we can't type more than
                  //one letter


      Now, coming to the problem as soon as I type 3 charecters, dispatchEvent is called, but ComboBox internally calls the close() function and whatever is typed in the ComboBox gets selected, so now if I type the 4th charecter, whatever I typed previously gets deleted.


      I tried overriding the close() function of ComboBox, but that didn't solve the issue.


      Please let me know if I can explain my problem better.


      Thanks in advance.