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    Lis flash component, iconField property


      Hi, me again. Concerning the list component again ...


      So, I have another tricky question, how do we correctly use the iconField property?


      Here is my example:


      function initList()


        var s = channel("list").sprite;

        var a = new Array();


        a.push(propList("id", "1", "displayName", "1. Scan for new songs", "markerOnSelect", "SCREEN_SCAN_NEW_SONGS", "icon", "icoLibrary"));

        a.push(propList("id", "2", "displayName", "2. Settings", "markerOnSelect", "SCREEN_SETTINGS", "icon", "icoLibrary"));

        a.push(propList("id", "3", "displayName", "3. Debug", "markerOnSelect", "SCREEN_DEBUG", "icon", "icoLibrary"));

        s.iconField = "icon";

        var i;

        for (i in a)


          s.addItem(a[i].displayName, a[i]);






      In this case I expect each row to have an icon (somewhere) which here would always be the cast member "icoLibrary". But it doesn't work.


      Can someone please help me or give me a working example?






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          Sean_Wilson Adobe Community Professional
          how do we correctly use the iconField property?

          AFAIK you can't, since the SWF expects the icon to be in its own library (and can't access Director's cast library).


          You could embed the List component in a Flash file with the icons you need and publish this to a SWF that you can then manipulate from within Director. At least, I expect this is possible since the Flash stuff is more self-contained, but I haven't tested it to verify my claim - nor am I going to!