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    COM Objects in 64bit ColdFusion


      I was just told by my host that COM objects are not available to ColdFusion for the 64bit version.  Does anyone know any work arounds?  Its a dedicated server so I can try some things.


      Would it be possible to write some vb script that I could execute with ColdFusion that would run the needed programs?  Is it hard to pass values into them?


      Thanks for any leads!!

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          From everything that I have read, I would say no...CF8 and 9 64 bit do not support COM

          objects (WTF adobe...this is BIG issue).  According to the 8 realease no

          tes, CF8 did not support it, but there is no conclusive answer in any of the documentation as to whether this is s

          upposed to work or not.  Unless you want to pay for support for thier f**k up, don;t even waste your time calling tech support.  the morons they hired aren't even trained in CF.  What a dissapointment.  I think it is offical, Adobe really sucks as a company.  Any company that won;t answer questions about potential known issues is a real ****** company.

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            ilssac Level 5

            The main problem from a long discussion I read in another forum is that Microsoft has discontinued development of the COM concept.  And if Microsoft is not going to bring COM into the 64bit world, Adobe is unlikely to do much with supporting it.


            But I may have the details of that wrong.


            I agree it would be nice to get clearer and more concise answers from the documentation and support as to the whys and wherefores of this state of affairs.  But support as always seem to be a bugbear for Adobe.




            It may be helpfull to note that Mathew Small quoted in that discussion is Microsoft Help Desk (or at one time was) staff.