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    RH 7:  error when compiling from Command Line


      Dear all,


      I need to automate my help project generation. Using some generation script, I created and added several service files to the folder with html files. It's enough to open a project in RH 7 and compile output. But I would like to generate output from the same script without opening RH. I tried to launch rhcl command, but the result is:

      Error: invalid project for RHCL. Please use RoboHelp to recover the project.


      The question is: what do I need to do to compile a project from script without opening it in RH? Add any other service files? If yes, then what ones? Or maybe there are other RHCL options that I could use instead of opening RH GUI to generate other service files?


      Currently, the following files are being generated by my script: .xpj, .fpj, .hhc, .hhp, .hhk, and several .apj files to make required setup.