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    Returning to Director development and have video questions


      After a hiatus from doing much with Director, I am upgrading an old project (MX 2004 and QT6) that uses embedded quicktime videos.


      Considering a nearly unlimited budget, what is currently the best option for embedding video into director apps targeted to a Windows (XP and higher) platform? I have the original source footage, so rendering to a new video type is not an issue. Should I be looking at flv? wmv? mpeg-1?


      One of the challenges with the current version of the application was the requirement that QT be installed, and most of the users, both current and future users do not have admin rights to install.


      I am willing to use any xtras necessary, but don't want the user to have to install anything.


      Very grateful for any advice or recommendations you may have. Thanks in advance.