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    Problem with fireworks Pop-up menu export


      I have created a pop-up menu in Fireworks that works well. This issue that I am having is when it is exported as html, it is aligned to the left side of the page, not the center. The alignment on the table in html is centered, but it still aligns to the left. I am trying to place this in a table for my webpage, but the menu is sticking to the left side of the page, instead of centered with the rest of the content. I have tried everything I can think of to fix this.




      Any suggestions?

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          Hi timmonsg777,


          I'm fairly new to Fireworks and CS4 but you could try one of the following.


          1. In Fireworks select: File>HTML Setup

              Look towards the bottom of the HTML Setup dialogue pop-up and set Page Aligment to "center".


          2. Instead of the above you could try adding a DIV tag around your menu bar and align it to center.


              <div align="center">Content for  Div Tag Goes Here</div>



          Hope this was helpful.