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    Flex/ColdFusion App and Dial-up


      We have developed a site primarily in ColdFusion MX7, but it uses several Flash 8 and Flex 2 components as well, including Flex charts.  We are currently beginning to upgrade to CF9 and Flex3.  These apps use a very similar design template, but the data for each location is specific to the location.


      Now my question/situation:  We are now modifying the templated site for a location where we expect the majority of end-users to only have dial-up internet service available to them.  Can someone out there help me determine the best route to take so that the users will not have to wait forever for the app to download ot for the various Flash/Flex components to download?  Our original site can be seen at http://www.communityindicators.ewu.edu/.  As you look at the site, keep in mind that the original site was developed over 3 years ago by a graduating student who had to learn CF and Flex pretty much on the fly.  I am currently trying to develop and execute a plan that will change these sites into Flex apps that only use CF9 to interact with their respective database.


      Thank you to anybody/everybody in advance for the help.