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    FMSURL parsing of non-typical urls


      I have some legacy secure limelight content that I've made play with what I consider a hack and I was wondering if the OSMF group could weigh in on the right way to do this. Briefly, the limelight secure content URI format is different than the the typical FMS format -- there's an extra /s/ for secure. You can see the URI below. The issue is that FMSURL incorrectly parses the URI and both the appname and streamName are incorrect. As a workaround I wrote a dummy limelight plugin with custom buildConnectionAddress() and play() handlers to correct the paths, but this seems like the wrong approach. It seems like there should be a way to extend FMSURL to correctly parse the original URI, possibly have the plugin do the parsing, but I haven't found a way. What am I missing?


      Legacy URI:


      rtmp://lls.hostname.com/a9999/ooo/s/2009/0925/2f2510db-6343-42dc-b781-d06de77bf9c1?e=12585 81905&h=cc0e7a8c214000a6e5bb264f99f0598b.flv


      Connection URI:




      Stream name w/ authentication:


      2009/0925/2f2510db-6343-42dc-b781-d06de77bf9c1?e=1258581905&h=cc0e7a8c214000a6e5bb264f99f0 598b