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    XML loaded text...is anybody doing it?

    bnther Level 1

      I think I remember reading recently that the Google bots were now reaching into XML files.  I thought if this was the case, that I would use a dynamic textfield and use XML to provide the written content.  The only catch is styling.  I Google'd XML styling  and most of what I found was dated back around 2000.  There was even an article on www.w3.org saying, "XML is text, but isn't meant to be read". The last thing I want to do is spend a bunch of time learning why something isn't used anymore.


      So, the million dollar question is, are designer/developers using  XML to put written content on stage and if so, how are they styling things?


      This SEO thing is on everyone's list when shopping for a website, which is aggravating as most of them don't even realize what the acronym stands for, let alone the full spectrum of what's involved (social networking, click-through's, ect)...but they darn sure have to have it!  The fact that Google bots are having a tough time with Flash app's is a real turn off for some.  And I don't care what anyone says, AJAX is no substitute for Flash!


      I'd love to hear from Freelancers about this.