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    How to print page 1 to tray 1 and the rest to tray 2?

    TL_Nova Level 1

      Hello, have a question on how i can print the first page of a form from tray 1 (tray has template paper) and the rest to tray 2 which has regular paper.


      I read of the ati command, use it on the jfmerge task, but is it possible to implement this with that? if so how would i tell it to print page 2 to the end to tray 2? do i simply add ati1 ati2 to the jfmerge task?


      I also saw ^page <page#> trayin <tray#> in the manual, but not sure how that one works, that seems to be more of a designer option, right?


      Any insights would be greatly appreciated!