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    Flash CS4 extremely slow!


      It's extremely slow to render any flash motion in CS4. I import to the stage some material and when I try to change and create any motion the processor usage raise up to 50% and the program freezing. It will be completly useless... Is there any solution to this problem? thx a lot!

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          Maybe you should give some more information. I have exactly the same problem but that's while running CS4 or CS3 Flash at Windows 7. Totally unusable. Running it from a Virtual Machine in XP Mode is hundreds times faster. Bit of a programmers fail I guess.

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            Freddiboy Level 1

            Thank you for your fast reply!

            Yes it's possible with virtual machine it would be more faster than now. I use the sw under Windows 7 too but before this system I had Vista with the same problem. So I don't know. The newest patch did not help yet.


            I work under an Asus F3Sv series notebook with Core Duo T7500 and with Geforce GS8600M GS (256Mb).

            But It's very strange: under Vista I couldn't do anythin for an examle in the actionscript editor. After Windows 7 it has been working now. But the prevoius problem is still ongoing.