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    Can I use or convert existing .cfa & .pek files to use in a new video?


      I accidentally but permanently deleted all source files for a short video I was working on.   I still have video and audio files located in the Adobe Elements folders.  I can use the video files (MPEGs) to reconstruct the video portion but I can't seem to use the .cfa and .pek files in the Media Cache folder to reconstruct the audio.  Is there a way I can convert these into usable files?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The CFA and PEK files are both Project and Asset-specific use. They will be regenerated, when you Import your replacement Assets.


          While it might work to move these to the appropriate folders, if not there already, and then Import the same exact Assets, I think that there would be nothing to be gained (other than a few moments), and possibly much to be lost. Since your Project file is just an XML database of instructions, and links, I'd not try and tempt fate, by trying to reuse them.


          Now, I have read of people, who were able to restore a Project, with missing Assets, by using their Render files. This can be a touchy proposition, but some have resurrected an otherwise shattered Project. Also, there are usually Audio Cache files, that ARE .WAV, and some can be pressed into service, though again with mixed success.


          Good luck, and please report on what worked for you, as that info might help others in the future.



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            barkercm@aol.com Level 1



            Many thanks for you reply.  I have used the rendered video files successfully, however it is the audio that I need.  There are no .wav files in the cache folder only .cfa and .pek files (which is ironic as the video was of various places in Beijing).  It is those files that I would like to reconstitute.  So I'm still looking for the answer and would greatly appreciate anyone's advice on the matter.



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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              OK, this might take some time, but might help you out. Do a system search for *.WAV and look at the file names carefully. You will get a ton, but you can click on Name to get these into alphabetical order. Look for file names, that match your Assets, and also the rather cryptic Render file file names.


              Different versions of PrE and different OS's might well have placed these in different places on your computer. When you start the search, go get a cup (or two) of coffee. Wait for this to complete. Then, click Name and start looking. Hope that you did not choose caffinated coffee!



              Hope that you will be able to find the audio .WAV files someplace.


              Note, the file name might start, or end, with terms like "audio," but there should also have matching characters that match your Assets, or you Render files.


              Also, depending on what you Rendered, how many times you Rendered, and a few other aspects, you may have to gather pieces, and patch together.


              Though too late to help, I have a particular workflow:


              If I am Capturing from a miniDV tape, I let the captured files go to the sub-folder "Capture" in the Project hierarchy, as I have the tapes, and never reuse them.


              If I am using footage, or other Assets, that were copied to my HDD, I ONLY work with copies of those Assets and keep the origianls on either my NAS, or on an external. I Copy these over to the appropriate folder in the Project's hierarchy, i.e. I never work with the original Assets, which are safe elsewhere. This means that I am less likely to delete, modify, or otherwise mess with the originals. I know that this is too late now, but could be something to think of in the future.


              Good luck, and I hope that you find corresponding .WAV files.



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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Could you please cite your references (personal or online ones) where conformed audio files (.cfa and/or .pek) have been used by Premiere Elements user to salvage a lost project prel? I have never heard that ever done, and I have not.


                Or were you just referring to Premiere Elements AutoSave Files  or Preview Files located in the Adobe Folder (default location My Documents/Adobe/Premiere Elements)?



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  I think that I confused you. I was referring to Render files, and NOT to .CFA's, and .PEK's.


                  There are two types of Render files: Audio and Video. These will be generated, when one hits the Enter key, for the Video. The generated file names will be rather obscure, but these can be played. Many will likely overlap and be partial, so not only does one have to look carefully, and deal with cryptic file names, but they may end up with a jigsaw puzzle of Rendered Clips. Now, when one does something like Render/Replace, WAV files are generated from the Conformed 32-bit, floating point files in the Project. Depending on the Project, these will very likely be 48KHz 16-bit and in PCM/WAV format. For the Audio, this is what I was suggesting looking for. Depending on exactly what operations were performed in the editing, these may, or may not be present.


                  Because I do a lot of my Audio editing in Audition, directly from PrPro, I use my "Edit in Audition" function, and will have a resulting WAV file for each application of this function. In some cases, again these will have the cryptic file names, but if I have done a Save from Audition, I will have the {Clip Name} .WAV for each of these.


                  I am not sure of all of the possibilities for the production of these .WAV files in PrE. Since there is no "Edit in Audition" function, there might be none, even when the Project has been Rendered (Enter key). Still, this is beyond my expertise with PrE, so I suggested that the OP search for .WAV files in/around their Project's folder structure, in case they might have been generated by some action in PrE.


                  To restate - I am NOT talking about being able to use the .CFA's, or .PEK's, but other files, most likely .AVI (Video Renders), or .WAV (Audio Renders). I know of no way to use the .CFA's, or .PEK's for anything but from within the Project to work with the Project, so long as the original media files are present. There might be some utility to handle the .CFA's (32-bit floating point Audio) and convert them to 48KHz 16-bit .WAV, but I have never heard of it.


                  Sorry for not stating things more clearly,



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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    Now, here is something that I just found: http://filext.com/file-extension/CFA


                    Read down to:


                    "Programs capable of miniuplating and/or opening the file: Nero 8/9 (audio CD and  Audio DVD creation only), Ultra Video Converter (in a supported container),  Super Video Converter (in a supported container), All2DVD (audio DVD creation  only), all CS4 Adobe products can embed the file. All audio/video creation  products can use the track."


                    This was total news to me. I cannot vouch for the validity of these statements, but I found this interesting. Maybe Nero, or Ultra Video Converter (never heard of it) CAN Open and Edit .CFA's?