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    Cannot capture DV from PE7 on HDV camcorder-please help

    Tom Berquist Level 1

      Dear experts:


      Despite several trys I cannot capture to hard drive on PE7 on my 64 bit Vista  system;


      Here's what happens/doesnt happen:


      1. I have recorded standard DV 4;3 on my HDV camcorder (HV-40 canon)
      2. I preset new project  on standard DV
      3. When I connect via firewire and go to get media by selecting  DV  camcorder (not HDV) the preview windo recognizes camera device, but doesnt recognize the make but says microsoft dv camera
      4. I get no images in the preview window only on the camera but the conrols on the PE7 capture window can control reverse and play etc. so I start at the beginning and press capture button
      5. When the tape runs  it shows the time running up on both the LCD on the camera and on the preview window,but.............
      6. Each time when its done I get a window saying no images captured and I can find nothing in the file .

      Please help as I'm following the steps  listed on the Adobe site for capturing.



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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Two to try http://www.scenalyzer.com/main.html and HDVSplit (sorry, I don't have HD so don't have a link)


          Be aware that scenalyzer marks the video frames until you register... so don't use any test footage for real work

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Scenealyzer Live (SD) and HDVSplit (HD) are two highly recommended utilites. Many think that these are what the Capture module in both PrE and PrPro should be.


            Good luck,



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              i_dream_of_jeannie Level 1

              Hi Tom,


              I would suggest that you should use the correct Project settings while capturing. So, if you have a HDV camcorder, choose the HDV project settings and do a Get Media from HDV camcorder.


              I am sure it would work that way.


              Why do you want to capture in the DV settings anyways?

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                A.T. Romano Level 7



                Another would suggest that you need to use "the correct project preset".


                From what I have read from your description of the problem, you are recording SD, not HDV, with your Canon miniDV camcorder and have set the Premiere Elements 7 project preset (new project dialog) = NTSC DV Standard. If so, that IS the correct project preset. And, you should end up with capture/firewire direct to Premiere Elements 7, putting DV AVI on the Timeline.


                If you were to record HDV with your Canon miniDV


                a. if your Premiere Elements 7 goal was DVD-VIDEO widescreen, then the typically recommendation is to downconvert the video from HDV to SD in the Canon and then capture/firewire that SD into Premiere Elements with the project preset (new project dialog) = NTSC DV Widescreen, ending up with DV AVI on the Timeline. As a troubleshooting measure, you might want to verify that you can capture firewire into WinDV



                b. if you want to capture as HDV and do not want to downconvert to SD in the Canon,  then you would use the Premiere Elements  project preset (new project dialog) = NTSC HDV HDV 1080i30, ending up with mpeg on the Timeline....if problems occur in this type of capture, then the workaround is to capture firewire into a program such as HDVSplit, and bring the saved clips from that into Premiere Elements via Premiere Elements's Get Media/Files and Folders.



                All of the above settings were based on a NTSC system. If the assumption is incorrect, please correct.


                Your feedback on the responses that you have received so far will help resolve any misunderstandings and get to a quicker resolution to the issue.



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                  Tom Berquist Level 1

                  Dear ATR:


                  Thanks so much. Sorry for long delayed response. No I tried it again on DV

                  stadard and Premier 7 capture window never shows the video but I can control

                  it from there, but everytime it counts up the time elapsed and appears to be

                  capturing each time when done it leaves a message : recorder captured no

                  frames> Can you figure?