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    Education (not student) License Query




      I'm a full-time mature student in the UK, in the middle of a 4 year course, and I'm interested in purchasing Adobe software.


      I'm well aware of the Student License available, but also aware of it's limitations, that it can 'never' be used for commercial use.


      That's a little restrictive, as I'm not sure what I may do with the software in the future.


      However, there also appears to be an Education License here in the UK, which is for teachers and students, and permits the software to be used commercially if desired.


      My query is, it appears that the Education License is limited to students and teachers, "at an accredited Educational Establishment."


      The college I attend is independent, and receives no government funding. Does that mean I'm not entitled to purchase an Education Licensed version of Adobe software?


      Please help. Thanks.