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    CS4.2 will not render dynamic link AE compositions


      I have a Premiere timeline that up until the CS4.2 update would scrub, playback, and render AE compositions perfectly fine.  Now with the update, when I open files that worked correctly in CS4.1, the AE composition does not appear in the Program view when I scub or hover the CTI over the comp.  Oddly enough when I play it back in the timeline, the footage appears, and it also shows up in the Output box of the Export Settings window.


      When I open up the exact same file on other machines that haven't been updated I don't have any of these issues.


      So two questions for anyone out there:


      1. How do I roll back my machines to PP CS4.1 until the problem is resolved?
      2. Did I do anything to cause the issue that I can easily correct?


      Thanks for any help in advance!