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    eps saved with linked files?


      Hello, I am somewhat new to Illustrator CS3 but I am pretty familar with Photoshop CS3. I am working on some label that I have added images to. When I save the label as an eps, does it automaticaly save the label for printing with the images in it? I was not sure if this was embedded images or if they are linked?




      Thanks in advance!

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          Ozzwoman Level 1

          They can either be linked or embedded, it depends on how you have them setup.

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            Scott Falkner Level 5

            When you save an EPS file from Illustrator you are actually saving the file in three formats combined in one file. One is a low-resolution rasterization of the file. This is what users see when they place the EPS in another file using InDesign, QuarkXPress or other programs (including Illustrator). Part of the file is the native Illustrator file, which may have images embedded or linked. The third part is a PostScript file embedded (or “encapsulated”) within the file. This part of the file contains everything at full resolution including fonts, unless you turn that feature off when you save.

            If you have any reason to expect someone to want to open your file in Illustrator, then you should NOT embed images and instead provide them as separate linked files. However you tell Illustrator to embed images, the PostScript portion of the EPS file will behave the same way.