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    Inserted .swf movie works fine on PC, but not on website.




      Using Captivate 4, I created a New User Training module that demonstrated a program within certain slides of the module as a .swf animation.  The .swf animation was another, smaller Captivate4-created simulation, published as a Flash 8 file.  When I preview, and after publication, the simulation movie displays and plays as designed.  However, when the file is uploaded to its destination website, the simulation movie does not display at all.


      What can I do to get these simulation demos to work?  The overall CBT module won't be effective without them.






      And while I'm asking, what image content type is allowed in these forums?  I get this message when I try to upload a 200x116 jpeg to illustrate my challenge.  I continue to get: [The content type of this image is not allowed.]