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    Conditional tags displaying incorrectly in printed document output


      I have a project that has several conditional tags. When I generate the project in Flash, the flash output displays the conditional tags correctly; however, when i generate the project as printed documentation, the TOC displays additional topics that are outside of the conditional tags defined to display. I have checked the defined outputs for both the flash and printed documentation and they are the same/correct. I use to work on RH6 and never had this issue until i converted to 8. The defined conditions have not changed since the conversion. I have uploaded the 8.01 patch and the issue is still present. Can someone please assist?

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          If a project has ten topics with all ten in the TOC and two have tags applied, when you generate the help eight topics will be generated and the TOC the user sees will show eight topics.


          Now switch thinking to printed documentation, the first time you create it that TOC will show the same ten topics but the document will again only contain the eight untagged topics.


          That assumes in both cases you use a build expression that excludes the tags.


          If I have understood you correctly that explains why you see ten topics in the print layout but only get eight in the document.


          Note too that if you later add items to the TOC for the project, they are not automatically added to the print layout as well. After the first generation of the printed documentation, the contents are no longer synchronised.


          Does that cover what you wanted? If not, tell me where I am not following you.


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