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    Assign certain color to certain part  of body CS3 !

    kishoreda-RrOFau Level 1

      Dear Friends !!


      Here is a little challenging question for some , it might be nothing to some Pros , but to us ordinary editors means a lot !


      Let's say I have a chroma (Green screen)  footage , which contain a simple girl standing in front of green screen acting .


      She is wearing red shirt , blue pants and black shoes in front of a green screen with decent lighting and make up.


      Now , even though she put good amount of make up on her face, but I still don't like the tone or color of her skin, her red shirt is red but not a rich red color as well as her blue pants is not rich blue, I mean a good blue or a nice blue !


      Is there any way to assign certain colors to certain part of her body, I mean let's say her face or skin tone, I wanna have it a little more natural (just the skin) I don't wanna change the color of her hair or clothing !


      and then goto hair and make the hair look more black , without touching her face and her clothing color and ect !