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    Adobe 9.2 on Win 7 - shrinks pdf printout to half page size


      I am running Adobe Reader 9.2 on Windows 7. The printer is a Xerox Work Center C2424 and is a networked printer- we print through our server, which is running Windows Server 2003 R2.


      When I try and print any PDF, it prints pages of such a size that two portrait oriented pages of the document will fit on an 8.5 x 11 inch piece of paper on a Landscape output. However, there is only 1 printed page on each sheet of paper (on the right side if you hold the page in Landscape orientation). I have not selected print multiple documents per sheet. My printer properties are for a portrait oriented sheet, double sided, color, standard quality.


      If I click "Print as image" PDFs print correctly.

      MS Word, MS Excel, and IE printouts print correctly, problems so far only occur with Adobe PDFs.


      We downloaded a Windows 7 printer driver from XP.


      I have worked through the Adobe 9 "Troubleshooter" and can't figure out my issue, I just know that the "Print Image" work around works, for now. I have played with options on the Adobe print dialogue and the printer properties. Only different output I've gotten is a thumbnail sized printout when I chose "Choose paper source by PDF page size" in the Adobe print dialogue; the thumbnail was perfectly centered in the landscap oriented page. Also, when playing with "print multiple sheets per page" (2 per page) I got 2 portrait oriented pages, side by side, on the bottom of a portrait oriented sheet of paper.


      Any and all help/ideas are welcomed! Sorry if all my portrait/landscape language is more confusing than helpful. Thanks.