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    Going from AE Cs3 to Flash Transparency


      I have created an animation using illustrator files in AE CS3 and now want to convert this to flash so it will play on my website.  The problem I am having (or rather my web designer) is getting the transparency in flash.  Can anyone walk me through this?


      1. How should I export out of AE

      2. Do I need to bring the video into Flash and export out of there to get the transparency?

      3. Can this workflow even be done?

      4. What is the best way for me to deliver the files to my web designer?


      I have attached a movie file of the look I am going for. The birds were done in AE and I want them to move across my home page.



      file:///Users/tim/Desktop/New%20Post%20Web/Web%20Stuff%20Tina%2011-18-09/Birds/Hone%20Bird %20Anim%20DEMO.mov

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          Adolfo Rozenfeld Adobe Employee

          There are several ways to do this.

          The easiest one, I think, is exporting a FLV file from the Render Queue, picking in the Outpit Module one of the "Same as source (Flash 8 and Higher)" FLV presets, modified manually just to enable the "Encode Alpha Channel" checkbox.


          Because of a known limitation in the Flash authoring app, which can only handle embedded transparency information correctly when done in a certain way, it's strongly recommended after settting the FLV encoding options that you set the "Color" menu in the Output Module to "Straight (Unmatted)". Otherwise you may get ugly halos around certain elements.