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    3D Objects in Illustrator


      How can I merge two 3D Objects in Illustrator CS2?

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          Scott Falkner Level 5

          Illustrator’s 3D features are, to be generous, garbage. Illustrator can only do a few things, like revolve, rotate, and extrude. All are very limited, all are buggy (especially if using bevels), and all apply only to a single object or group. You cannot model a world with more than one object, except by excruciating trial and error. If Object A is supposed to be closer than Object B, then getting the rotation, scale, and perspective to agree is a matter of trial and error. Mostly error.

          Here I have grouped three squares, and given the group a simple Extrude effect. Because they are grouped the perspective is applied to all objects appropriately.



          But I can only apply the effect to everything uniformly. If I want to model three buildings of different heights, I have to apply the effect to each square, then tweak the effect, as well as the size and position, for each square. PITFA. These building increase in height from front to back. I used the above image as a guide to position each block, so they would sit on the same level. It’s still not right, but it’s as close as anyone can get. Keep in mind that this is just about the simplest 3D model one might ask for, and it’s too much for Illustrator


          If I wanted more complex shapes it would be even harder. Also, there is no easy way to have some of Object A appear in front of Object B and some of Object B in front of Object A, like links in a chain or the rings around Saturn. It can be done, but only with duplicate shapes and masks.

          Show us an example of what you are trying to achieve and we might come up with work arounds. Everything in Illustrator is a work around.

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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

            I recall when the idea of including 3D capability into Illustrator a lot of users complained that they never use 3 D for anything at all and had nouse for it and there were a few, a very few that used Dimensions.


            Most people said that they would not use Illustrator for 3D but rather a 3D modeling application.


            The idea that I believe was suggested was that Illustrator is indeed not a 3D modeling application but t that Illustrator could use some very basic 3D
            function even if it were not a real modeling environment.


            Like extruding and rotating and revolving. For doing some basic stuff with text and perhaps to create an object that could be used to trace.


            Perhaps it was suggested after this was implemented that there also be a 3D environment in Illustrator as well.


            think it is too ambitious for Illustrator. So the OP should probably look elsewhere.