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    fscommand proxy.exe

      Please help , I am due on Friday and I have no idea what in the world I am doing wrong.

      -I am working on flash CS3 Professional ver. 9.0

      -I have the 3 files inside the fscommand folder:
      the .bat named catalogo_trauma.bat (has this code: start catalogo_trauma.pdf)
      the .exe named catalogo_trauma.exe (this is the proxy.exe file)
      and the catalogo_trauma.pdf.

      -The projector is at the same level that the fscommand folder.

      -this is the code inside the button of my projector:
      on (release) {
      fscommand("exec", "catalogo_trauma.exe");

      -with this code nothing happens if I press the button inside my projector

      -if I change the code to:
      on (release) {
      fscommand("exec", "catalogo_trauma.bat");
      and press the button inside the projector, a DOS window appears for a fraction of a second and disappears, I can not read the message.

      -if I double click on the .bat file catalogo_trauma.bat the DOS window appears and loads the pdf., if I double click on the .exe catalogo_trauma.exe (proxy.exe file) loads the pdf file without the black DOS window, this tells me that the .exe and the .bat are working fine and communicating with each other.

      -I am not sure if this is the problem: when running the projector at the top left of the window appears the adobe flash player 9, the publishing settings are set to flash player 8 but I guess I can not avoid playing it with the flash player 9. The projector has flv files, so I can not downgrade to flash player 7 or less. It does not have a full screen fscommand at the beginning of the projector.

      Could some one PLEASE help me with this one? As you can see I am thorough in the way I do things, I have read so many forums looking for the answer and I can see this is it, but it is not working for me.

      Please help me.