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    Vertical Aligning label control  text

    flx23 Level 1

      Hi how can we vertical align the text of label control to top.. as there is no property for this


      here is my code:-


      <mx:Box  textAlign="left" id="bxMain" height="13" backgroundColor="#f3f1ee" x="80" y="5">
      <mx:Label color="black"  id="lblDrawerName" fontWeight="bold"  textAlign="left" fontSize="11" width="150" text='{data.DrawerName}' x="0"  />




      the label is in a box.the problem i m facing is the text of label is cutting in the bottom..so i want to align it  to top.what i have to do is to do within the specified box height that is 13..


      other thing that i can do is decrease the font size to 10 but if i do  this the helvetica font that i have declared globally to the app..doesnt remains bold as 10 and below 10 the fontweight property stops working


      what to do in this case..