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    Using FC on a TV network site

    Laurence Schuberth Level 1

      Hi All, I've been totally blown away by FC and am very slowly learning FB. I though i'd see what I could build in about a day to deploy to one of our network Television sites.


      Its still a bit rough rough the edges but I thought I'd put it out there. ( be kind, I'm a n00b )







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          acath Level 4

          That's pretty slick! Glad to hear about your success!


          Those stray wireframe components jump right out at me, though ;-).



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            Laurence Schuberth Level 1

            Hi Adam, yeah I know, I was getting pushed for time cause when people saw the possibilities they added some elements for a client meeting and I dipped into the old faithfuls, so I'm custom building to make the look better now ( excuses, excuses ) . Something I didn't mention that may be of interest to you guys and people running ads on their sites, that whole element of the site is being controlled by an ad server ( open X ) so we can have multiple versions of the base element running different content and clients, and be able to program the deployment of the element and versions just as you would a banner, We have not quite figured out how to measure clicks on individual parts of the element but we can measure the interaction people have with the element at least.


            One thing that I came across that would be great is to have a time based trigger to go to a new state. I'm using the end of video to fire some elements but it would be great to have an action that say after 15sec of being static on a state, the action triggers a goto new state. The new element with the greater ad ends up being static after all the actions because I ran out of ways to trigger a new move. I'm just not up to that in FB yet but for slideshows or how we are using it it would be great


            Thanks again for all the hard work from your team