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    Expanding the work area outside the stage.




      I currently have an small animation job that involves an enormous zoom out. To do this I need to scale the symbol containing all the animation out in the main timeline, from extremely close to quite far away.


      I have two problems that are preventing me from doing this satisfactorily.


      Firstly, the transform panel doesn't work. Specifically, entering scale values only seems to work beween 0 and 100%, anything larger gives unpredictable results.


      Second, the symbol has become too large for the work area (I have zoomed out as far as I can go) - how can this area to spread out to the whole of the graphic editing area, instead of the third of it that is on the left side?


      For example, I have used the Free Transform tool and scaled the item up 2500%, and now it's too big for the limited work area. To scale it further, or scale it back, I need to enter scale amounts into the Transform panel. After doing this, the figures I enter turn into arbitrary other values and my symbol either warps or disappears entirely.


      Ideally, I should be able to look at the stage itself, click on the symbol, scale it in the Transform panel to 3000% and be done with it. Why is this not possible?