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    P2P Connectivity

    Andre Linux

      Hey people

      if you don't mind I have a little question:


      How can client get results like here: http://cc.rtmfp.net/


      Can stratus server provide same information as matthew home server does (connectivity info) ?


      It would be cool if my program could tell to user "Hey, your p2p is not working, please configure your NAT".


      Because for now its a bit strange: some users can connect to Stratus rendezvous server, but they cannot communicate with peers and they never get onPeerConnected. I have addressed this by timeouts and fallback to FMS, but this is quite unstable, and it takes a while to check.


      in LCCS, there is property "isp2p", which is set to true or false (depending from user being able or not to use p2p) which is just set after client is connected to lccs rendezvous server


      that's really great and it would be nice to know if there is something equal to that in stratus


      thanks and keep up the great work, its really a big leap in the future *thumbs up*

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          Michael Thornburgh Adobe Employee

          we considered (and have not entirely dismissed) adding CC's function to Stratus.  currently we're leaning away from including it in Stratus directly, but (as it is today) it could still be used as a parallel service since you can open multiple NetConnections.  CC's results are diagnostic, rather than predictive, so it doesn't always make sense to run its tests nor to avoid trying to make P2P connections because of unfavorable results.


          we will definitely take your request into account as we consider future features of the Stratus service.