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    Need help with checkboxes in datagrid

    Marlene Level 1

      My prelaunch site it at



      If you click on print and then print individual coupons you can see the checkboxes next to each listing. The user can click on the indidual items they want to collect and print. Right now I have have a click event on each check box linked to the function printMe. The checkboxes are acting very funky in the datagrid. If I check the first checkbox in the first row, then a checkbox 10 rows down also seems to get checked. I also cannot figure out how to "reset" the checkboxes. Any help would be appreciated. I am on a terrible deadline. Willing to pay to get help finishing this project.


        public var printList:ArrayCollection = new ArrayCollection();


            public function printMe(event:Event):void {

             printList.addItem({name:event.target.data.merchantName, address:event.target.data.merchantAddress, offer:event.target.data.merchantOffer});