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    Tracker preference setting breaks Comments UI buttons?


      We are storing comments for PDF shared reviews in a Sharepoint site that is using forms based authentication (FBA). We have had a problem where when the Sharepoint login session for the user times out then comments and reviewers are lost in the PDF. We tracked down the problem to be the AdobeCollabSync process automatically trying to pull down comments, but because the FBA session has timed out the local resource files are overwritten and all comments are lost. A full description of this problem is here:


      http://superuser.com/questions/37641/adober-reader-9-pdf-review-comments-stored-in-fba-sha repoint-problems


      The solution was to set the “Automatically Check for New Comments and Form Data” slider to Never in the Tracker preferences. However, we've now discovered that this also seems to break the operation of the 'Check for new comments' and 'Publish Comments' buttons in the user interface. When the slider is set to Never, we are unable to check for new comments or publish comments added to the PDF in the user interface. The server status icon button on the right shows a spinning green circle that never stops and no new comments are retrieved. In the case of publishing comments a popup appears after a while saying the comments have been queued for publishing - but other users are unable to see the comments added. If we close down the application and re-open the PDF and reconnect to the server, then the comments queued are published at that point.


      So to me it looks like the “Automatically Check for New Comments and Form Data” slider also affects the operation of the user interface, and setting it to "Never" also means the buttons in the user interface stop working. Setting the slider one notch to the left (24 hours) and the buttons in the UI start working again. Anyone else seen this happening? Know of any workarounds or fixes? We really need it set to Never as AdobeCollabSync does not seem to work with FBA sharepoint sites but also need the buttons in the UI to work...



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          tsurikov Level 1

          kbafour, I'm afraid I can't answer the question you posted ... but by golly, am I ever grateful to you for posting the information about what happens when you set that slider to "Never"! I actively use shared reviews in my workplace, and for the last few days been observing the exact phenomenon you describe - endlessly-spinning green circle, comments not published, having to save and re-open the PDF to get the comments published... and it was driving me NUTS. It was precisely a few days ago that I went through my Acrobat 9.0 Professional preferences, and adjusted the slider setting to "Never"... To use that same word again - never, ever would I have expected that changing this setting would break the publication of shared-review comments entirely!


          I'd give your post a "helpful star", but the forum interface isn't offering me the option... nonetheless, definitely a star for you!


          Thanks and best regards,


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            jacecoleman Level 1

            Same problem here.  We have hundreds of projects in review, and every 24 hours my computer locks up with 500 popups in a row asking for a username and password so that tracker can automatically update.  I tried setting the option to "Never" and it breaks the publish and check for new comments functions entirely.  Can we get an admin at adobe to address this issue?